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Sunday, October 2, 2016

I love taking a weekend trip to Calgary, simply because I get excited about food & shopping. But more so on the food aspect (typical). 

Calgary has better restaurants compared to Edmonton, and also offers more variety as well. Before heading to Calgary, I always search for new restaurants to try, because better prepared than being hungry aha.

Vendome Cafe
940 2 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0E6

Top: duck confit 
Bottom: croque monsieur

Vendome Cafe is in Kensington, and I've heard positive reviews before coming down to Calgary. So I made sure we would stop here. The cafe it self was surprisingly bigger than what I was expecting, and when we were there it was packed! We ordered a Duck Confit sandwich and Croque Monsieur, while they were both delicious, the Duck Confit was amazing. We contemplated on ordering another before leaving, but decided to save room for more food later. I would definitely recommend Vendome Cafe for anyone going down to Calgary.

MONKI Breakfast Club & Bistro
1301 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 3P9

Top: brisket hash with fried eggs & hollandaise
Bottom: snow crab frittata  

For brunch we decided to try out Monki. Monki is a fairly small restaurant, and it was busy when we went at around 11AM. That's always a good sign, so make sure to call for reservation before hand! We got in about an hour later, we were both so hungry but we were determined to try it out!

The interior is small as mentioned previously, but it had a homie rustic feel to the restaurant. Our server was friendly and made us forget the hour wait to get it.

We ordered brisket hash and snow crab frittatas, brisket for breakfast??!! That was exactly my reaction, however with the fried egg and hash in the dish, the brisket worked well as a brunch dish. The frittata dish was amazing too, I loved the snow crab bits in the frittata and overall it was an amazing brunch. 

❀ with love, Kelly

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