Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guess which city the first travel post is going to be about?

It's Tokyo! In the end, I think Tokyo was definitely one of my favorite cities. It's hard to pick, because I sincerely liked all the cities I went to. We spend 7 days in Tokyo, each day we tried to explore a different region within Tokyo, and on the second last day, we went to Odaiba. We caught the sunset at Odaiba and it was beautiful (and it kinda sorta reminded me of a Mario Kart map?). 

Panorama picture taken on my iPhone, when we started to walk around the boardwalk, the sun was starting to set. 

We went to Odaiba on the second last day, we mainly walked around the boardwalk to take pictures of the sunset and just to enjoy the scenery. 
In Odaiba, there's a large shopping center, Sega Joypolis and restaurants all around, so there's lots to do when you visit. When we went there was 2-3 magic shows on the boardwalk, we stopped for those and of course we took pictures and enjoyed the sunset. By the time we finished the malls were starting to close sadly, we just went to Daiso because I fricking love that store and I have the urge to buy everything I can when I'm there.  

I couldn't take as many picture as I wanted cause my phone's battery was dying T_T. So enjoy the few pictures I have :)

Replica of Statue of Liberty 

 Boardwalk View

Rainbow Bridge

Grey dress // Forever 21
Denim jacket // Pull & Bear (bought it on the trip in Shanghai)
Shoes // Nike 
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs

Until the next travel post, with love, Kelly.

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