Weekend Recap

Friday, January 6, 2017

Outfit details at the end. Pssst this jacket is life.

Whooo, can't believe its 2017 already, this year I will try to have at least one new blog post up every week. WOW AIN'T THAT EXCITING? ahaha no.one.cares.

Anyways here's an outfit I wore for errands when the weather was still nice. As you can see we started the day with grocery shopping at T&T, mainly because of 2 things: face masks and asian snacks. Those 2 are probably the only reasons why I love T&T so much. Side note, I should make a face mask post, because I am a pro in asian skincare (AB) products, or I would like to think that I am a pro. 

Followed up brunch, because ya girl love her eggs bennys and brunchy things. We went to Cafe Bicyclette, I have had coffee and dessert from here but never had brunch. Since the weather was nice, it would be a waste to stay inside. On a Sunday, it was quiet busy because there was also an event nearby, we had to look around and rush whenever an empty table opened up (it's self sitting, so don't call me a savage aha).

Keep on reading for outfit details!

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