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Friday, January 6, 2017

Outfit details at the end. Pssst this jacket is life.

Whooo, can't believe its 2017 already, this year I will try to have at least one new blog post up every week. WOW AIN'T THAT EXCITING? ahaha no.one.cares.

Anyways here's an outfit I wore for errands when the weather was still nice. As you can see we started the day with grocery shopping at T&T, mainly because of 2 things: face masks and asian snacks. Those 2 are probably the only reasons why I love T&T so much. Side note, I should make a face mask post, because I am a pro in asian skincare (AB) products, or I would like to think that I am a pro. 

Followed up brunch, because ya girl love her eggs bennys and brunchy things. We went to Cafe Bicyclette, I have had coffee and dessert from here but never had brunch. Since the weather was nice, it would be a waste to stay inside. On a Sunday, it was quiet busy because there was also an event nearby, we had to look around and rush whenever an empty table opened up (it's self sitting, so don't call me a savage aha).

Keep on reading for outfit details!

My boyfriend and I both got egg bennys, he ordered his with salmon while mine is with bacon. It came with potatoes and a grilled grapefruit with brown sugar on top annnnd that grapefruit was delicious. Everything was delicious but the grapefruit was a perfectly tangy and sweet to end the meal. 10/10 would again.

We also love and support anything local, whether it is restaurants, events, or pop up shops. At the building where Cafe Bicyclette is located, an in doors holiday market was there. We live for these markets, they are usually a lot more in the summer however holiday ones are just equally as amazing. So much hand-made items from food to art to jewelry to clothing, eeeek they make me really happy. We bought some prints from Emily at http://heyemilychu.com/ for our offices. I definitely recommend to check her out, she also does these cute family portraits!

Okay finally, onto the outfit details.

Jacket // Zara
Sweater // Urban
Bag // Winners
Jeans // Zara
Shoes // Converse
Necklace // Tiffany & Co.

 I bought the jacket from Zara back in October, it is in the style above except I have it in a greyish olive colour. I love this jacket because it is such a versatile piece. I have wore it causally with jeans as seen above, and I have also worn it over a LBD to a work Christmas party. So this jacket = definitely worth it. 

Until next post, Kelly.

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